We will help you create your unique dream-to-work-for brand image and reach potential employees most effectively. We have an integrated approach seeking to achieve our primary goal – to leave people with no other option but applying.

Marketing Research

The first step towards building your right employer identity is finding where you are at right now. This might look like an easy task, but behind it stands thorough research of the market and your brand’s current position on it. The complete study could be divided into two main fields:

Analysis of your brand’s image as an employer will be done to see how potential employees see you and what is the overall opinion about your company in the medium. Providing us with the insights, this is the stone on which we will step when building the strategy to position you as a leader.

Analysis of the current recruitment activities, communication channels and tools you use is the deeper part of the marketing research. We will see more concretely what is the story you tell to your potential employees and whether the right ones hear it at all. And be mindful because every single company sends a message and tells a story no matter if they realize it or not! We are here for one thing – to support them in the process of becoming the top employer brand.

Strategic Planning and Creative

We are aware that you already know that an idea without a plan is as good as no idea at all. This is why strategic planning is an essential part of boosting your employer identity and delivering the real spirit of your brand to potential employees that need to hear it. We have done it many times, our in-depth knowledge of the market and human behavior provide us with the ability to plan ahead for long periods and create a thorough strategy ready to be implemented into action.

The constant generation of adequate ideas and ways to reach potential employees attractively and memorably, that is what creative is. As marketers we do it every day, we sleep and breathe ideas constantly and most importantly we can separate the right from wrong and create a brand image that will resonate with your true company’s spirit and will leave a print to be remembered.

Web Design

In the 21st century, a brand’s website tells more about it than most people realize. We are a big brand family, and this gives us the upper hand here, knowing the latest tendencies on the market, understanding the mobile era and being able to attract and retain the right audience. History and our experience speak in our favor, and you can see that our team has created some of the best websites in the region.

Your website is the most important carrier of information whether it is for your clients or potential employees. Telling the right story, having a good SEO, sending strong and memorable messages, having a current and relevant design, this is what matters if someone will research your company before applying for a job in it. And believe us here, the employees you want will do it!

Video Production

Video as a whole is the strongest weapon in marketing, it is the content and will reach the most people and carry out a message you need to send in much more ways than one.

Our unique team will provide you with everything you need to create a video that will make your e-mail rain applications. We know how to present your company in a memorable way, different than anyone else, a way that will make you stand out from the crowd.

We know that sometimes you need not only video. This is why we offer photo-shoots as well as animations. And believe us when we tell you that each product will present your company, crew and work environment in a way that will make you look like rock stars in your field.

Our experience and portfolio speak, whether you are a more open-minded or conservative company, we can create a video that will become the icing on the cake.

Social Media Marketing

Sending the right message is important but where you send it matters the most because each social media platform has its specifics, rules and even different audiences and requires the information to be presented in various ways.

Whether it is Facebook, Google, YouTube, Vbox7, LinkedIn, et al. we know how to present you, how to reach your target audience, build and maintain a brand image that will last.

Our actions matter because they will impact how potential employees see you, they will engage communities and provoke reactions. Our actions matter because they will have an impact on potential employees’ perceptions towards you, as well as engaging with communities and prompting actions.

Media Planning

Let us not lie to each other; analyses still put media as one of today’s leading opinion shapers. As a wise man once said, “give me all the media and I will give you the state.” Media planning does not consist only from doing research, but it is also about the in-depth knowledge of the market as well as selecting the right combination of media to reach and attract the target audience, which is as important as everything else.

Our experience, knowledge, ability to move before flow and determination is what put us in a unique position, and we have proved it many times.

Media Monitoring

No one can deny that planning where and how to advertise is of greatest importance but monitoring your campaign and real-time reaction to everything that happens is what distinguishes a good campaign from a bad one because it is what matters at the very end.

No one remembers who was second to Michael Phelps and being first takes determination and knowledge of when and how to act. We are sure you know this, but we know how to make your identity shatter expectations and how to become a leader in your field.

Public Relations

Probably the most important thing is the way your brand will deliver its message, and we are here to make sure that the targeted potential employees will hear your story.

Our team of PR pros has the knowledge and experience to plan and carry out every campaign, no matter how big it is. We will provide it with the PR boost your brand needs to attract the right audience and maintain its interest.

We are the right partner that will spread your message in the medium.

Each employee matters but each employee could matter even more especially if you know how to inspire, stimulate better results and retain them – the devil is in the detail!

HR Analysis

The HR Analysis is the stepping stone on which our “Keep Me Engaged” products are based. It includes an initial assessment and analysis of the work environment, corporate culture, and engagement degree.

The analysis will outline and point current and potential problems as well as flow backs; it will show us which products you will need and to what extent.

A careful planning and great ideas are born only when one knows what to focus on; this is why the HR Analysis is so critical. It is the first step in the process of boosting your employees.


Our team will research the level of complacency of employees from the benefits companies offer. This way we will know which benefits will be adequate and on which shall the program be focused.

Our experience has shown us that employee engagement and satisfaction is more prominent when a company offers “Flex Benefits” – or in other words a package of additional benefits from which each employee can choose based on their own needs and preferences.
The benefits you offer will most likely determine whether your company will engage its employees and turn them into brand ambassadors. This is why it is essential to have a partner like Employer Booster by your side.

Inside communication processes

Employer booster offers assistance in improving the communication processes within the company – between the management and lower levels in the hierarchy, between colleagues, between employees and their immediate superiors.

This is of greatest importance due to the fact that the speed and precision with which the final results are achieved are initially based on communication processes within the company.

Achieve greatness, be the next big thing, engage your employees, this all goes through communication processes!

Corporate Health and Insurance

In the 21st century, the healthy way of life gathers more and more followers. People are starting to realize that living healthy influences the way you feel. This is why we offer to improve the awareness of your employees on practices and products for a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to this, we will conduct special activities in or outside the office to improve the health and determination of employees. This could be viewed as an addition to your corporate culture and stimulate employees.

We also offer additional health insurance. Our experience and research show that this product is attractive for a large part of employees and especially to the ones in the IT industry.

Corporate Interior design

To make employees feel the company’s spirit, its values and traditions your brand needs to have its own corporate interior design. It will undoubtedly present you as an employer but will also make your employees not just work in the office but dwell in it.

Our designers and interior planners will follow the latest tendencies combining them with your corporate colors and elements to make your office a dream to work in. And believe us when we tell you such things make employees feel part of something bigger, provide better results and inspire. And believe us, all these things will inspire employees to feel like part of something bigger as well as delivering better results.

Employer Booster will create an office you would want to show to everyone, a work-place stimulating its employees, an interior every brand could be proud of.

Travel assistance

One of the unique features of the “Keep Me Engaged” program is our travel assistance product.

We can organize trips for company’s employees both in Bulgaria and abroad. Also, each employee will get a discount when using the services of the travel club.

The only thing left is for your desire to discover the world as never before, to broaden your horizons and feel every single moment, as well as meeting new people and making a lot of friendships.

Events and team buildings

Our experience in organizing events gives us the opportunity to offer this product. We can organize various events from birthdays, holiday parties, corporate occasion events, press conferences, presentations, one-day social event in the office and teambuildings.

No matter how big or small an event is. Among the clients of this product are some of the biggest companies in Bulgaria: Visteon, VMware, Telus International, HP, C3i and many others. We organize every event to the very last detail and try to turn every moment into memory and every little thing into a delightful experience for each guest.

Corporate discounts

We also offer special cards for our loyal corporate clients. They provide various discounts for employees considering products and services.

In addition to this, we will provide a discount for all your employees for events that are organized by and some other event companies.

It is our view that such cards for loyal corporate customers are a unique feature that will be extremely attractive both for current employees and potential ones.

Daily catering for employees

Modern society comes with its culture, and sometimes the office could destroy it. Instead of ordering burgers in the office, eating on foot or something else that demolish your eating habits, we offer an Employee Kitchen.

Our nutrition experts will prepare special healthy meals for your employees. This way you will always have fresh and healthy food delivered to your office and will put an end to the pressure called ‘trying to eat healthy while working.’

Referral Programs development

Employer Booster will create, implement and develop referral programs which will help your company boost its recruitment processes like never before.

Think of it, who knows your company and what it needs better than the people that work there. Aren’t they perfect for referring specialists that will actually do the work you need and be the ideal fit for the team?

We can tell you from our own experience using the program, it works amazingly and creates a team that is in perfect symbiosis with each other.

Booster agent

We call them the booster agents by no coincidence. They are the 007 agents that will be sent in your office to understand your company’s culture even better and feel the atmosphere in the work-place.

But why are they called the 007 agents? Because they not only know everything, but they can fix it! Our special ops, the problem-solvers, the one who will point out your problems and come with a solution to them.

The only thing we need to know is – are you ready to be boosted?

Corporate sound design

A new and rapidly growing practice, the Corporate Sound Design will give your employees the atmosphere they need to be inspired and work as never before.

A team of specialists will sound design your offices in a manner that will stimulate the people that work there.

Boost the experience, boost the performance, inspire the tomorrow!

Wanna boost your Employer Brand?

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