Employer brand video

Employer brand video

In the last two years video content began gaining strength. If a few years ago the main way in which we presented ourselves has been through pictures or text, now it is rather preferred to record a short video in which to share your thoughts. Rather than write guidance, lead webinars. Rather than shoot beautiful sunset, do slow motion … All social media offer the option to share the moment not in picture but in video! I will present the facts as: Do you have time and energy to write 1.8 million words? This is the equivalent of 3600 of typical web pages. If you write an average of one web page an hour, it will take 150 days writing in order to achieve the effect of one minute video. Well did you bill? The video is not only a fun way to present your ideas, but also an effective method.

According to a research by Cisco, by 2017 it is expected that video content will occupy over 69% of consumer traffic on the internet.

All these signs made us think about what makes the use of video so successful? Maybe this will be a major marketing part of our employer branding puzzle that we put together every day?

In recent days we’ve watched over 100 different videos designed to present companies worldwide. We saw the funny videos, we saw sad ones and those which we weren’t sure we wanted to see. One thing is certain – VIDEO attracts attention. Provokes us to share, comment, apply for a job, provokes us even to become a brand ambassador.

Another conclusion we’ve come up to is that videos with the aim of recruitment are insufficient in quantity. You may say: “100 videos are not a small number.” But actually it’s extremely small number! Things did not turn in differently considering Bulgarian statistics. Many of the companies have a video that presents them as an existing company, but it is far from the video that will make you want to work for them. The video for hiring should be short, clear, memorable and right on target!

We, Employer Booster, are oriented towards utility and action and not to cheat on our values so this article aims to be practically oriented. So we have prepared a short checklist, which will help you evaluate your current videos and find starting points for the creation of a new video.

How to make a unique brand video?

Let’s even change the word “video” and say a “trailer”. The latter is especially suitable because to present yourself as an employer within a few minutes, is similar to the way you promote a new movie. You got to show the big picture in just glimpse!

1. A recruitment video must be up to 2 minutes:

You would probably think two minutes are a short time and how could this time be able to convey everything about your brand: your EVP, office culture or what you look like as an employer. Let’s proceed from the maxim “stay hungry, stay foolish” – it is important to get people to “hunger” to experience the need to explore more about our company, to awaken their proactivity and then they are the ones who will make the first move.

  • 26% of consumers will seek more information on the subject of the video;
  • 22% will visit your careers page;
  • 15% will consider the entire site of the company;
  • 12% will send
2. The beginning and end are the most important:

Start the video with fireworks. Get a head start that will attract the attention of a jaded person. Recent studies have shown that the first five seconds are determining whether your message will reach the people to whom it is directed. Consumers in social networks are like children – easy to defocus. Therefore it is better to give a reason, candy, value-added human behind the screen. Engage your potential future talents, ask them a question, show them something they have never seen, make them “hungry.”

3. Show your personal attitude towards employees:

This is as important as it is risky to take you in the wrong direction. Many of the videos that we looked at were full of personal stories, long and sometimes deprived of the right to appropriate emotion. As we said – be concise. You do not need to turn off the personal stories, they are extremely strong tool but adapt them so that they are relevant to the context of the video.

“The more – the more,” said Pooh.

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