VMware Bulgaria, a software giant as well as the biggest office of the company in Eastern Europe had an inside ERP (Employee Referral Program).

The problem was that although part of the applications came from it the ERP was not at all successful as they wanted. On top of all the tendency was that employee interest in it was rapidly falling. We found that it was mainly due to the aggressive inside advertising.

This is why we decided to add a gamification model to it – a ranking system. Also we decided to retain the big inside stress on the program but we changed the way of advertising it. Our team designed products with software engineering jokes that were branded with the ERP logo, created a wall of honor with the ‘ERP rock stars’ as we have named them and even dedicated a “Beer Bash” event to the program. We kept the award system that VMware were already using but changed the prizes making them a bit more personal.

The program started flourishing right away and now a major part of the applicants come from it.

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