Obecto Recruitment Campaign


Obecto is a software company that provides solutions to companies globally. They are based in Sofia, Bulgaira.

Obecto needed to create an intense recruitment campaign online. Due to the traffic on their website we decided it is the best place to hold the campaign while promoting it on Facebook. As a result, we created one of the most engaging landing pages. Users could enter into the Obecto’s office and experience their addictive corporate culture. They could take a slice of pizza to learn which technologies are the most used in the company and to make a unique beer called Programistko. We even created a game to challenge the users how many beers they can have while still being able to code. Different statuses were depending on the number that users were writing in the code.

The result was that Obecto not only managed to find the employees they were searching for but decided to use the landing page for further recruitment campaigns.

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